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In light of the extraordinary events of 2021, our Years 7-12 Visual Arts Exhibition is being held online this year. We are tremendously proud of the work our students have been able to achieve in these very difficult circumstances. This site is a celebration of their success, and we'd love to share it with you.

Year 12 Award Winners

Each year we select our top performing students across the three subject of Studio Arts, Visual Communication Design and Media to receive an award. These students have demonstrated a high level of dedication, skill and creativity in their studies. The visual arts faculty would like to recognise the hard work of the top achieving students in year 12.

Subject Areas

Subject Areas


Art provides students with the opportunity to develop artworks with their own message and distinctive style. It leads to the VCE Subject: "Studio Art" which is so-called because it provides students with the experience of working like a studio-based fine artist.



In Media students plan and produce and edit video productions, study and analyse media products such as films, TV shows and social media and their impact on individuals and society.

Subject Pathways

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