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Year 10
Art & Photography

Year 10 Art and Photography gives our students the opportunity to learn to take photos using analogue film and digital cameras. During lockdown the students were required to think outside the square by using everyday household items and lighting to create different lighting styles. Digital editing using Photoshop was also used to give their photos a more professional finish. 

Denver Carron

Leilani Mitchell Chiroscuro Lighting Task

Sylvan Embelton HDR Editing Task

Natasha Thurgood Chiroscuro Lighting Task

Ben Renouf Chiroscuro Lighting Task

Taylor Allwood Still Life Photography Task

Josh Mitza HDR Editing Task

Mia Baxter Natural Lighting Task

Amelie Kercher HDR Editing Task

Olivia Byrne HDR Editing Task

Ruby Pitock HDR Editing Task

Emma Jacob Chiroscuro Lighting Task

Techan Machonarchy Chiroscuro Lighting Task

Lottie Read Natural Lighting Task

Marisa Lopez Garza

Marisa Lopez Garza Chiroscuro Lighting Task

Richelle Imperial Still Life photography Task

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