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Unit 3 & 4

Unit 3-4 Media is an extraordinary subject.  It is relevant, engaging, multidisciplinary and demanding.  The sheer scope of the subject requires students to be wildly creative, IT-fluent, aesthetically astute, interpersonally perceptive, globally aware, and internally motivated.  These are the 21st Century skills that our students need to be successful in our modern world, and every film requires this.  I am proud to present this year's video productions - the result of hard work by our students, under difficult circumstances.

Ben Brice

Major Film Productions

Major Film Productions

Major Film Productions

Jai Addison


Charlie is a normal teenage girl dealing with normal teenage issues.... except for the fact she has an imaginary friend, Connie. As her last anchor to childhood innocence, she shuns him, setting her life down a depressing and lonely path. Can she learn to accept him in her journey to adulthood? Or will she lose herself to her deep and dark delusions of maturity?

How to Play Tennis
Emily Hoiles


This film is about ‘How to Play Tennis’. It is about the techniques, scoring and strokes you need to know to play tennis. This is an introductory guide. It will take time to learn, this will get you started. It is for all ages. “Have Fun” learning the game.

Try, Try Again
Jacob Vulfs


A nameless actor (Jacob Vulfs) wishes to become mainstream, only to meet with repeated failure. As his thoughts on his pathway dwindle, he must persevere and try again. 


Alex is your average clumsy school girl that just happens to trip up the stairs in front of her dreamy crush. The fall causes endless amounts of grief as nobody understands the immense struggles she has to go through to avoid stairs. Will she ever overcome this strange fear of stairs?  I guess you will find out.

The Masking
Chloe Alford

Taking place during isolation, we meet a student named Meg. We see the inner struggles of Meg throughout her anxiety-riddled thoughts and doubts of self-efficacy. Through online video calls we see Meg's use of a mask, an object in which represents her presentation of being fine and unaffected whilst struggling. Though her friends do not understand, Meg finds comfort in her friend Liam, who offers advice and talks to Meg in order for her to feel understood. Can Meg feel comfortable and understood enough to talk to people? Will she be able to join a group video call at the end?

What Hides Beneath
Kirsten Moerth

A mage named Varna suddenly appears in the human world after being chased by the villain Volkan, and is in dire need of help. With the assistance of a girl she befriended, Aria, Varna attempts to lay low in her world for a little while. But she can’t rest for long as the evil villain shows up and blows her cover. Will Varna escape or will she be forced to fight him there and then.

The Guide to Becoming the Perfect Woman
Talisha Nichols

An artistic visual accompaniment to a self-written, patriarchal spoken word poem. Transcend through historical periods of time and the superficial alteration of female expectations.