Unit 1 & 2

Yr 12 Media is an extraordinary subject.  It is relevant, engaging, multidisciplinary and demanding.  The sheer scope of the subject requires students to be wildly creative, IT-fluent, aesthetically astute, interpersonally perceptive, globally aware, and internally motivated.  These are the 21st Century skills that our students need to be successful in our modern world, and every film requires this.  I am proud to present this year's video productions - the result of hard work by our students, under difficult circumstances.

Ben Brice

Narratives in Production

For their Unit 2 Major Film Production, students had the challenging task of making films during stage 4 lockdown.  This meant filming at home, using only their family members.  They were tasked to make their films about a current issue with a strong clear message. 

Television Commercials

In Unit 1 Media, students were required to produce a Television Commercial which highlighted the Australian Character as it is often stereotyped in Advertising. 

"The Remake"

The best way to learn sometimes, is to copy.  In this task students had to work together to remake a scene from a professional production. Their aim - to reproduce the original as closely as possible, in production design, acting, camera, sound and editing.