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Year 9 
Art Photography

Year 9 photography was a little different this semester due to being in lockdown. Usually students explore film photography and process within the darkroom. The course had some major changes and I’m very proud of this group of students effort and the quality of their work completed while in lockdown. Students explored photography using mobile phones with focus on the art elements and principles of photography. They also looked at documentary photography and developed their own ideas on the topic of lockdown to create a photo essay using Photoshop. Once back in the classroom they explored digital SLR cameras and exposure settings to create some interesting images based on the topic of movement.

Melinda Pollock

COVID Photo Essay

Students reflected on their time in lockdown term 3. They worked to a brief brainstorming the topic and researching documentary photographers to gather inspiration. Photoshop was used to edit, enhance and create the collage.


sophie mThe final product

Sophie Morris

lochie Foster collage

Lochie Foster

moses Nai

Moses Nai

Olivia Mackowiak

Olivia Mackowiak

ela greentree collage

Ela Greentree


Lizzie Snell

levi. Johnstonjpg

Levi Johnston

samadiPhoto collage COVID-19

Samahdi Reed

Izzy Walliker covid collage

Izzy Walliker

 gabe Griffin

Gabe Griffin


Maya Johannes

Maya Johannes

Maya Johannes

Exploring Art Elements, Principles, composition and exposure

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