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Unit 3-4 

Unit 3-4 Media is an extraordinary subject. It is relevant, engaging, multidisciplinary and demanding. The sheer scope of the subject requires students to be wildly creative, technologically fluent, aesthetically astute, interpersonally perceptive, globally aware and internally motivated. These are skills essential to success in our modern world and every film production requires this. I am proud to present this year's video productions, they are the result of hard work by our students under difficult circumstances.

Ben Brice

Unit 3-4 Media Productions

Unit 3-4 Media Productions 2021

Unit 3-4 Media Productions 2021

Exhibitors Statements 

The 5 Stages of Grief
Sarah Nichols

Genre: Comedy

Duration of Film: 4:23 

This comedic short story follows the narrative of a girl whose bag of chips runs out, (a first world problem) which is then followed by her experiencing the 5 stages of grief. It outlines the absurd yet relatable issue of first world problems. 


The point of this short film is to teach the audience about grievance and the stages of grievance through a comedic situation. The fact that the person has run out of chips is a light situation but is made dramatic through editing and camera skills which makes the short film comedic. Such skills such as making the screen black and white, putting the shot into slow motion, creating a dramatic voice-over, dark lighting and sad background music will create a comedic effect.

30 Minutes or Less
Mason Cole

Genre: Comedy

Duration of Animation: 2:45

With a terrible track record, a delivery boy has one more chance to dispatch pizza and beverages in 30mins or less before he is fired. The delinquent gives up early and decides to drink the beverage instead.  The drink invigorates him with supernatural powers and his quest to deliver on time begins.  Will these powers be enough to overcome the slew of obstacles that emerge?

William Geeves

Genre: Drama

Duration of Film: 9 Minutes

A teenage boy is being followed around by a documentary crew exploring Anxiety within High Schools. We see the extent to which he lets Anxiety control his life and how he might just be able to overcome it and ask out the girl he likes.

My intention was to create a short film that gives a brief insight into how people can be affected by anxiety and how although it may seem overwhelming, people are able to overcome it. Placing the characters in a high school allows for the film to feel much more relatable as we have all faced different stresses and anxiety during our time at highschool.

Georgia Haynes

Genre: Fantasy

Duration of Film: 9:07

Wonderland follows the story of Alice, a young girl who ends up in Wonderland after a fight with her mum. Following the White Rabbit through the forest, she falls into the magical world where she finds an odd group. There she is met with the lovable characters from the original story. However, Alice finds that this place is strange, uncomfortable and has a dark side. Alice is kidnapped and unable to escape from the Hatter and the others, stuck at the never-ending tea party.

My intention was to create a short film that included the lovable characters from the classic Alice in Wonderland story but with a dark twist. The film portrays the message of how important family is and how small mistakes can lead to bigger and worse consequences. My characters were inspired by Tim Burton and also added my own twist to them that each actor could portray on screen.


My Basement’s a time machine
Ryan Jones

Genre: Sci-Fi Comedy

Duration of Film: 5:29

Al is a geeky, lonely, embarrassed boy who after discovering a mysterious alien notebook creates a Time machine from the only place he knows he could build it. His basement. He travels with his only friend North and both travel to the past (2019) to fix the failures Al has made. However, they both learn that fixing the mistakes of the past have drastic consequences on the future of mankind.


This film was a way for me to show how I could blend two genres into a short film. Those genres being Sci-fi and Comedy and tieing them into a story about time travel and the consequences of forcing to change what’s been solidified in time. This film provides an easy going experience to audiences and has lots of entertainment value that relates to a problem that many people have, Events of your past directly affect who you are in the future in a negative way.

Callum Ludwig

Genre: Drama

Duration of Film: 8:18


A young man named Marius opts to participate in a clinical trial wherein he is confined to a house where colour does not exist, and he lives in a world of black and white. Very quickly, this experience begins to take its toll upon him.

My intention was to create a film inspired by the Mary’s Room philosophical thought experiment, which explores the question of whether we can truly understand and know something, such as colour, without experiencing it. As someone who is colourblind, and am constantly finding that my observation of colour is different to others, I felt further incentivised to revolve the film around colour. In a time where social justice activism is larger than ever, I wanted to stress the importance of personal experience, particularly in the face of adversity or hardship.

Where am I
Wiktoria Krawczyk

Genre: Art House

Duration 6:56

A girl reflects on when she last felt the emotions of fear, sadness, anger, loneliness and happiness. On her allegoric journey to find herself, she discovers fear can rescue her from anger, and loneliness can lead you to happiness. 

The Vase
Jackson Parker

Genre: Comedy

Duration of Film:5:53


A brief description/theme/synopsis of your film, video, or animation, taken from your narrative, intention and audience statements in your Production Design (100 words or less

When a treasured vase is broken, a teenager and his friends go to extreme lengths to hide the fact from his mother.


Exhibitor’s statement (100 words or less):

My intention was to create a comedy in the style of a mockumentary while not actually being a mockumentary, similar to Brooklyn Nine-Nine. 

Without being preachy, I wanted the story to show how lying can often make a situation worse, so you might as well tell the truth instead.

not like you 
Shae Preston

Genre: Drama

Duration of Film: 9:20


‘not like you’ is a film focused on personal experiences of mental health and life on the spectrum. Filmed entirely in first-person perspective, ‘not like you’ follows the main character as they live life, and are forced to change due to the pressure of societal expectations. 

My intention in the creation of ‘not like you’ was to portray a combination of my personal experiences and the experiences of my close friends in living life on the spectrum. I wanted to express the struggle of fitting in and the issue of acceptance, both personally and acceptance from peers.

Media Awards Night

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